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How to Set Up 301 Redirect on IIS

This article will introduce how to set up 301 redirect on IIS, if you are using Apache server, please refer to 301 Redirect Site to Another in Apache for details.

When you change a new domain for your website, you may need to set up 301 redirect for the old domain name, that will guide the visitors to a the new site, further more, 301 redirect will tell the search engine, the site(or a web page) has changed to a new one permanently.

Here it is the steps of setting up 301 redirect on IIS.

1. Because we can not set up 301 redirect on IIS easily using a common webfile, so we have to login the hosting at first using Remote desktop connection.

2. Click Start , and then open the Control Panel in Settings menu.

3. Click Administrative Tools in the Control panel list, click Internet Information Services Manager.

4. Click Web Sites in the left column view tree, and select your web site you want to setup 301 redirect.

5. Right-click the domain's position(usually it is a domain name which determined by your initial settings), and select Properties, or you can open it's properties by double click the domain's position.

6. When you open the properties of the web site. Locate Home Directory tab.

7. Now we begin to set up 301 redirect for the domain. Just follow this:

  • Select A redirection to a URL(there are three options in the first item, A direction located on this computer, A  share located on another computer and A redirection to a URL, just select the last one)
  • Type your new domain name, such as in the redirect to edit box.
  • In the client will be sent to, select A permanent redirection for this resource.

8. Finished, your 301 redirect will become effective immediately.


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