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How to Set the BIOS Date and Time

When you want to change the BIOS date time, You must Access the BIOS Setup Ultility at first. The first screenshot is the main menu,  Move the focus to the standard CMOS features and press enter.

Then you will see the below screenshot, different BIOS setup ultility will look something like it.

Steps of Setting BIOS data time:

1. Locate and navigate to Date(mm:dd:yy) or Time(hh:mm:ss) position.

2. Use <- and -> to locate mm,dd,yy,hh,mm,ss. For example, If you want to change the month. you must locate the mm, The same as the picture mentioned above.

3. Use UP arrow and/or DOWN arrow to add/sub the value. you can press ESC to return the main menu when finished setting.

4. Save to CMOS and restart. OK.


Posted by: Chiranjeev| /02/04/13 | 01:43 am |
Thanks for the information. I was just looking for such a tutorial to change date and time in BIOS.

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