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How to Set SPAN with Nowrap

If you use float style with SPAN tag following other normal text, you may get a wrap text in result. Here some test example of span with nowrap.

1. Make the text nowrap in float:right

Test example:

<li> AAA<span>BBB</span></li>

If you use float:right with span style, BBB will wrap in IE6, but be normal in Firefox, chrome. You can use

li { position:relative;}
li span{ position:absolute;right:0px;}

2. Reverse arrangement of span and normal text

Test example:


Then li style like this:

li {text-align:right;}
li span{float:left;}

3. How to make span like pre with long text

Test example:

<style type="text/css">
<div style="width:100px; height:60px; background:#996;">

Or try this style: 

span { white-space:pre }

See also: Fixe Span Width in CSS

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