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How to Set or Reset BIOS Password

It is necessary to set a strong BIOS password to prevent a unauthorized starting up, the visitor will be hold back outside the operation system. Setting BIOS password is very easy, all the laptop and popular motherboard support BIOS password setting. Normally, you can find the setting item in something like this.

1. How to set BIOS password

Here is a example for my Acer laptop, power on your laptop, and press <F2> in the first screen. then we will enter the BIOS.

Move the <Right> arrow the Security item, the we'll see some menus like these:

  • Set Supervisor Password
  • Set User Password

The Supervisor Password is a global password, if it is set, you must input the password before you entering any system when the laptop is powered on, including entering the BIOS next time.

But the user password will only work on a hard disk. for example IDE0 Hdd, you must type your password before you visit the hard disk, but this setting will not affect on entering BIOS.

2. How to reset the BIOS password

If you want to change or reset your BIOS password. he must input the default password of BIOS to enter again. But if we lost it, what should we do?

I know almost all the BIOS manufature has no default passwords for its initial setting, but you can try these "Bios", "setup", "admin", etc. If you aren't experiencing with hardware. you should contact with the computer's service provider.

If you are experiencing, you can open the shield of computer and try to RESET the BIOS status, often called BIOS initialization. Here we have two methods.

  • Using the jumper to clear present settings of BIOS.
  • Unmount the BIOS battery for serveral seconds(about ten seconds), and mount it again.

But for some older computers, battery may be soldered on the board. you should use brand iron or look for others's help. Or you can refer to:

How to Clear and Reset CMOS or BIOS


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