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How to Restore Partition From Backup Using Ghost

Previous article has introduce how to backup partition to a .gho file, here we'll restore from the backup file. It is too simple, I list all the screenshots about the operation, my english is so poor, I hope you can get the idea from it. I think that I will do better in coming articles using english. appreciate for your patient.


  1. restoring partition does not need DOS mode as a essential condition, you can accomplish it in winpe or regular windows mode. I will introduce them in the coming articles.
  2. Here to continue my demonstration about backup/restore in ghost in DOS mode.
  3. Wrong actions or mistake will bring you a large pain about losing data, be careful for all your opeartions and in your own risk.

OK, Now begin to restore my backup operation.


1. Run ghost.exe in DOS mode, you can get more information from:

How to Create a System Backup Using Ghost

2. Select Local -> Partition -> From Image in the ghost operation center, screen shot shown this:

Partition from image

3. First you should select the proper image file you have backuped, using TAB and UP/DOWN arrow key to locate the right position. In the screen shot, I saved my backup file named as cxpbkup.gho, Select the file, click Open or move the focus to the Open button and then press Enter.

select proper image file

4. Next step is to select the source partition from image file, because my image file has only one source partition, so I have only one selection. Just press OK to continue.

select source partition

5. Here we should choose the right local destination drive, that is, select the drive that the image file will be restored, Be careful do not select a wrong drive, or your data in that drive may be lost. Confirm and press OK.

select the right drive

6. Select the target partition (Be careful not to choose a wrong partition), your mistake may cause your data lost, you can identify the partition from their volumn label and their capacity/size. When you selected and continue to process, the data in destination drive will be all covered.

right partition

7. Press OK to continue, confirm if ghost will continue to process partition restore, if you confirm your selection is right, press YES to beginning.

confirm to restore

8. Here it is the recovery progress, shown below:

recovery progress of ghost

9. When restoration is complete, you will get the screen, "Continue or Reset Computer", normally select Reset Computer and make your computer reboot. all restoration has completed.

reset your computer



If some erros occured in the backup and restore process, you can try these:

  • Convert the target partition format to the previous format when you have backup image file.
  • Make your ghost version consistent with your earlier ghost version.
  • Check the drive if there are some physical or logic errors.
  • If you cannot restore partition in DOS mode, please try a winpe environment or windows mode.
  • Other methods you can Supplement.


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