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How to Reset IP Address in Windows

If you have changed a new static IP address or connect to a new router for your windows, you may need to reset your IP address to make it updated. First of all, if you want to reset IP address, make sure you have known which or what IP address will be renewed.  If a permanent IP address in the Local Area connection properties has been setting, and now you intend to use a automatic IP, you must clear static IP address at first.

1. Using ipconfig in command prompt

a. Type cmd in Start > Search box, then click the cmd.exe in the search result.

b. Type ipconfig to view the current IP information, screenshot likes:

c. Then type in these two commands in the window above.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

If this does not work, read continue.

2. Unplug and replug the network cable

This will fix most problems for a normal network.

3. Reboot your laptop

Reboot your laptop to see if that helps, If you can not obtain a new IP address, please check the router, make sure DHCP has been opened.


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