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How to Open Pop-ups in New Tab in IE

In Internet Explorer 11, the default setting of opening links is in a new windows, but for many people who are accustomed to use new tabs. I am one of them. So I have to change the default setting every time. It is very simple.

How to open links in a new tab ?

1. Start internet explorer

2. Click the upper-right icon in the top toolbar. Select "Internet Options".

3. In the genera tab, click the Tabs

4. Change these two default settings:

a. When a new tab open is opened, open: select A blank page or your first homepage. If you preferred the default setting, you may not modified it. it is only for convenience.

b. When a pop-up is encountered. select always open pop-ups in a new tab. Screen shot as:

5. When finished settings. Press OK to confirm and apply.  Internet Explorer will open all the links in a new tab.

How to open a blank tab manually?

1. It's very convenient to using the New tab button.

2. Or press CTRL+T, if you prefer.


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