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How to Modify Hosts File in Windows 7

If you edit and save hosts file directly in windows 7, you may receive a error message that you have no permission to change it even you are using a administrator account. So if you want to modfy this file, this post will give you some advice.

1. Where is the hosts file location in Windows 7

Normally, the hosts file will be in the directory: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\, unlesss you have change the default installation directory. its file name is hosts too.

but how can I modify it? Here I give two methods for your preference.

2. Copy, Modify and replace 

Copy the hosts file to the desktop, Double click the host, then select notepad in the "Open with" window.

Copy to the orginal directory when you have finished your changing.

Press Continue when a "Destination Folder Access Denied" window popup.

Just enjoy.

3. Using Notepad

Click Start, type notepad in the search box, Right click the Notepad, select Run as administrator.

Locate to your hosts file directory.

Select All files(*.*) in the right filter. then you will see the hosts file.

Click and open it.

Press CTRL+S, or Click the File > Save to save the changes when you complete your revise.

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