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How to Mass Change Post Author in WordPress

If you want to change some post's author from one to another, it is very annoy for anybody, if you know how to use PHPMyadmin or some other MYSQL managers, It will be more simple. for example, here will change the author 'AuthorA' to "AuthorB", Well, follow this.

Only one or sereral post author need to be changed

1. Log in your wordpress and edit the post

2. Click Screen Options on the topside and make Author checked

3. Then you will find the author options behind the post box. just like this:

4. Change it to the new author, and save it. 

Mass posts author need to be changed

1. Log in MYSQL by PHPMyadmin or another Mysql manager.

2. Locate the database of your wordpress, Click the table wp_users. If you have another prefix, please change it Correspondly.

3. Look up the ID value of the original author(i.e, AuthorA, usually its column name is display_name) using:

SELECT ID FROM `wp_users` WHERE  display_name='AuthorA';

Remember the author ID(AuthorA_ID) from the search result, usually there should be only one record, if you get nothing or more than one records, please check your syntax or look up the author ID by user_login or user_nicename, Just like this:

SELECT ID FROM `wp_users` WHERE  user_login='AuthorA';
SELECT ID FROM `wp_users` WHERE  user_nicename='AuthorA';

4. Look up the ID value of the destination author(ie, AuthorB) using the same method as Step 3, Remembered as AuthorB_ID.

5. Batch modify the post's author to another other() using this syntax:

UPDATE `wp_posts` SET post_author = 'AuthorB_ID' WHERE post_author = 'AuthorA_ID';

6. Finished.


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