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How to Install a WordPress Theme

This article introduce how to install wordpress themes, in fact we often need to install a theme from wordpress official site or our customized themes. Even it is very easy to install it, but I demonstrate it in detail for some wordpress starters.

Install a wordpress theme from the official site.

1. Login your wordpress, navigate to the menu Appearance and click Themes, Screenshot shown this:

2. Here Twenty Ten is the default theme from wordpress version 3.0, if you do not like it, you may install another free themes by click Install Themes.

3. In Install Themes window, you can type your keywords with your preferred style, author and tags in the search box, and press Enter, you may find so many free themes shown. You can also customize your searching result based on some specific features, such as colors, columns, widht, etc. When you find a preferred theme, just a example like this.

4. Click Install in the theme exhibition, Press Install Now icon in the pop window.

5. Now wordpress will downloading install package from the official site. When installed the theme successfully. you may find the tips like this.

6. Click Activate link to activate the theme, yes it will be the current theme for your wordpress. Your wordpress theme will be changed as a new one.

7. If you change to another Available Themes, Just Activate it in the Manage Themes window. There two parts in it, one is the Current Theme, the other is Available Themes.

Install a wordpress theme manually from your uploading

Last method is from the official site, for so more people, they like to install a customized theme from themselves. That is just a simple thing.

1. Upload your theme's files to the \wp-content\themes using FTP software or other methods. The theme should be a directory with some template files or folders in it, please transfer these files in their original list mode, do not compress or change these files directory.

2. When you finished uploading. you must find the theme be in the \wp-content\themes directory.

3. Navigate to the Appearance menu in the wordpress manage panel, Click the Themes link in the sub menus.

4. Just click the Activate link in the window. your theme will be replaced with the newer theme.


  • If you do not find the theme exhibition, please check if it has been sleeping under the \wp-content\themes directory. If so, this theme may have something wrong or compatible problems with the current wordpress version. You must fixed these bugs before reinstall it.
  • If you have some other questions with the theme installation, please let me know without any worry. 


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