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How to Get Wordpress API Key

If you are using Akismet plugin or blogger status plugin, you may need a wordpress API key. If you have forgotten your WordPress API key, you can resend your wordpress API key.

1. Get a free or commercial API key

If you are running a hobby or personal site, you can get a free API key from the official website: or,

If your site is professional or commercial, you may need to apply a professional API key:

Three applicaiton types: individual, enterprise and access-api, you can look for the difference among them from the URL above.

1. Get a free or commercial WordPress API Key

Then click Sign Up to the top of the page register, the following chart(Screenshot from the URI of, you can get it in the Akismet site directly):

When you finished creating account. the system will send you an email with a WordPress API key inside.

E-mail like this:

Your new user account has been successfully set up. You can log in with the following information: Username: username Password: userpassword View your profile at: If you have any questions or comments, please let us know! Your API key allows you to use services like Akismet @ API Key: 123456789012 (12-bit here is the Wordpress API KEY) - The Team E-mail in the Wordpress API KEY (red) is what we need to apply for, you can also apply through the following address.

2. Resend your WordPress API key

If you have applied a API key but have forgotten, you can resend it from the Akismet site.

Click the link of "I already have a account" in the screen above. typing your EMAIL in the requirement and follow the steps shown from, wordpress will check its status automatically. If you have applied previously, do not worry, just enter the mail, akismet API KEY will automatically resend to you (if you forgot), if not applied, you can sign up.

When application is complete, copy API KEY from the received mail to the Akismet setting if you are using.

3. How to Set API key in wordpress

a. Activate Akismet in the Plugins

b. Activate your Akismet account in the same screen

c. Manually input your akismet key(API Key)

d. Click use this key

3. FAQ for WordPress API key

1. If I have two or more sites, and I use my API key in different sites ? Yes, I am using one WordPress API key in my two websites.

2. Can I share my API key to other people? No, this is prohibited.


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