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How to Get Refund From Godaddy

No matter we are using domains or hostings in godaddy, we will get a money back guarantee from godaddy within a limited policy. Especially when we buy a new product from godaddy a moment ago. If you are not satified with your product, you can apply a refund from the dashboard.

1. Godaddy Refund Policy

  • Domains - First 5 days from the domain registration
  • Hosting - First 15 days from the registration, If it exceeds 15 days, you may only get parts of refund from the un-used time.

2. How to Get Refund From Godaddy


  • Login Godaddy and open your product manager page
  • Click "MY RENEWS & UPGRADES", Select "Payment & Renewing Items"
  • Select the product you want to take a refund, click Cancel Item in the topside.
  • Then the product will be removed from the product list.


Send a Ticket to Godaddy service, and write something about the refund reason. and waiting the reply from the service.


Then you will get about 4 emails from the service, including:

  • Confirmation of the service that he has received your ticket.
  • Confirmation email.
  • Refund is processing email
  • Refund processed finished email

There is no need to reply these emails, unless you delete your product by mistake.

3. How long you will get the refund

Godaddy refund period is about one week, godaddy will pay the money to your Paypal/Credit Card normally. 

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