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How to Fix HTTP 404 Page Not Found

When a visitor request a page that not exist in your website, the server will return http 404 status to the visitor's client. If the website can not give a proper advice or some deeper advice. The visitor has to leave disappionted. But how to fix 404 page not found error ?

Here is a example, a visitor is requesting, but he/she got HTTP 404 page not found.

1. First we should know that page "123Abc.html" is in your website directory "view", make sure the relative path is right for your domain name ( If it does not exist, try to create it.

2. If you are debugging your hosting, make sure the root directory in your web configuration is right in your directory that you are working with.

3. Is the filename exactly same as the file saved in the directory, for linux systems, all filenames are sensitive to capitalization, 123Abc.html is different with 123abc.html, If it's the visitor's mistyping, we usually do not need to process it. 



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