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How to Delete Windows 7 Hidden Recovery Partition

In windows 7 installation, if you does not devide your system partition previously. Windows 7 will create a hidden system partition, the size depend on your disk's size, it's 100M or 200M normally. Many people do not like it and want to delete this hidden partition. Here it is the method I have verified.


1. All partition operations may bring your data losing risks. If you are not acquaint with the partition operation, please look for help from others or do not try.

2. You can not delete this hidden recovery partition directly in the windows 7 advanced boot mode, because the active bootdisk is in occuption.

How to Delete the Recovery Hidden Partition?

There are many effective methods that can be used to delete it.

  • If you have the second operation such as Windows XP/Vista, you can enter the the second system, and use the diskmanager to delete.
  • If you have a winpe recovery system and a disk partition manager(such as partition manager, etc), you can make your system boot from winpe, and delete the recovery partition.
  • If you are acquaint with the DOS bootable disk, you can try this by DOS boot disk. It has the same effect.

Activate Your System Partition Where Windows 7 Installed

When you finished deletion, you should activate the system partition where windows 7 installed, or your windows 7 can not start again when you reboot your computer.

If you want to merge this hidden partition deleted, please refer to my coming chapters.

Repair Windows 7 Boot Problem

Even you have activate your system partion, if you boot up again, windows 7 will encount some error about boot.mgr and other bootable files. we should repair its boot problems, just like this:

If you have windows 7 system installation DVD, that is good, plug the DVD in your CD/DVD driver, and boot from the DVD, then select repair menu from the boot screen.

If you have a system copy on your non-system disk, you can boot from DOS/WINPE or from the second system, then copy boot directory and bootmgr to the system disk, then copy sources\boot.wim to system disk(need create a sources directory). run this command:

c:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 c:

Reboot the computer, when the windows 7 enter the repair mode, select repair boot. 


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