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How to Customize WordPress Excerpts

For many wordpress users, he(she) must encounter the excerpt problem of wordpress, wordpress will output the category or homepage in fulltext if he has not added a MORE tag in his article and type none in Excerpt box. Because more people are not accustomed to write any excerpt specially. I am too. I prefer wordpress output all excerpts automatically. Here are some methods of displaying excerpts in wordpress.

1. Add <!--more--> tag in your post article from the editor

<!---more-> tag is a simple method for displaying a excerpt. Commonly, you can add <!---more-> tag from the editor toolbar, like this.

Or, you can add "<!---more->"  in the HTML mode, it will has a same effect. When you add MORE tag in your post article, wordpress will output excerpts from the beginning to the MORE tag.

2. Write your personalized excerpt in the Excerpt edit box

Write your personalized excerpt in the Excerpt box behind the post edit box. If you want make your article more friendly. You can try this method. You can copy some main abstract content from your post article to Excerpt box, and update the article synchronously. This method has a little trouble for more users, because you have to write or copy some excerpt for every posts.

3. Using a Excerpt Plug-in

Using Excerpt plugin is more easy to do. there are several famous plugin that can accomplish this. For instance,

Fancy Excerpt - This plugin will replaces the default automatic excerpt generator with a sentence aware excerpt generator, and generate excerpts automatically.

Advanced Excerpt - This plugin will adds several improvements to WordPress' default way of creating excerpts. You can customize the excerpt length and the ellipsis character.

There are also some other excerpt plug-in from the wordpress official website, you can find more from searching the keyword "Excerpt" from you manager panel -> Plugins -> Add New.

4. By modifying the wordpress source files manually

You can modify the wordpress source file of your themes. Usually there may be these files, index.php, etc.

Replace these codes in your index.php (usually, it may be found in /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/content.php):

<?php the_content(); ?>


<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

Notes: Function the_excerpt() will cut off your post's content with a maxlength 55 words. If you have some HTML tags or images in the front of content, they may be stripped.

the_excerpt() will display the excerpts with the end "[...]", if you don't like it, please follow the next method to modify it.

How to Remove 3 Dots From WordPress Excerpt

If you have any other questions, please let me know by your comments.


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