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How to Create SubDomain in Godaddy

A subdomain likes a node on the tree, all the nodes are inherited from the root node (root domain). For example, is the root domain, but is a subdomain. There is only one root domain for any domains, but the subdomains have unlimited number.  We can create any subdomains as we prefered. For example,,,, etc.

We can create subdomains via A record or CNAME record, The only difference is that A record will point to a permanent IP, but the CNAME will be an alias.

1. Log in your Godaddy account

2. Click Launch button in the Domains list and view its details

3. Click DNS Zone file > Add Record.

Here I add a sample subdomain in two methods (A records and CNAME records). IP address and CNAME are all just samples. In fact, you may select one of them instead of both in your real environment, and use your own IP or CNAME to replace.

4. Sample: add record in A record

Screenshot like this:

Host should be feed for If you want to set up root domain ( in A record, @ should be typed in it. Click Finish when you complete.

5. Sample: add record in CNAME record

Screenshot like this:

  • Host is feed too for
  • Point to is the destination server alias (cname address), for example,

5. Click Finish to add.

6. Click Save changes to take effect.

If you want to set up MX records for your domain, just follow this post in my blog.

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