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How to Create Shortcut Manually in Windows 7

This article will introduce how to create desktop icon manually and how to create a internet shortcut for a web page in windows 7. Here are some  methods I can think of them. You can choose anyone in your favor.

1 .How to Add a Desktop Icon manually in Windows 7

Method A:

If you want to add a icon on desktop, just follow this:

a. Locate the program you want to add a desktop icon.

b. Right-click the excutable file, navigate to Send to -> Desktop(create shortcut). Screenshot shown here.

c. Okay, you will find a new shortcut on your desktop. If you want to delete the icon, just click the icon, and Press Delete Key and then Press OK. the icon will be delete which do not affect the original program.

Method B:

a. Right-click on your desktop, select New - Shortcut in the pop menu.

b. In Create shortcut window, type your item which you want to create a shortcut, usually it is a excutable program. such as Dreamweaver.exe, etc. Or click browser... to locate your item, then press OK. When finished, press Next to continue.

c. Type your shortcut name, the default is just okay, yet you can modify it as a new favorite name. Click Finish.


2. How to create a shortcut for a web page

Method A:

This method is similar to Method B introduced above. Just type your website URL in the Method B - Step 2. For example:

The next step is same as steps above.

Method B:

If you are using Internet Explorer, Just Right click in a blank position in the page when you open a website, select Create shortcut in the pop-up menu. Then Internet Explorer will pop a tip window, just like this:

Press Yes, you will find a internet shortcut on your desktop.

Method C:

a. You can add the web page in your bookmarks(usually use CTRL+D).

b. Drag the item to the desktop by pushing left key on your mouse. You can creat a internet shortcut easily. Screenshot shown this:


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