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How to Create New Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation

When finished installing VMware, we must create a new virtual machine before starting use. This document talks about creating new virtual machines via VMware workstation.

Basic introduction for VMware: VMware Workstation Introduction and Basic Usage

1. Screenshot of the VMware workstation 7.0. I think you may have some acquittance with the classical interface:P.

2. Hit New virtual machine in above screenshot, New Virtual Machine Wizard window will pop up. there are two configurations type in the first window. Typical(recommend)

3. Select I will install the operating system later. because I will introduce how to set relate disc or disc image with the boot, so we select the third selection.  If you know what's the meaning the selections are. you can choose another proper one.


4. Select a guest operating system for the new virtual machine. VMware workstation has supported for many popular operating systems, i.e. Windows 7 and earlier.

5. Name the virtual machine and set the default location where the new virtual machine will be saved. please don't worry, you can change the location in the menu Edit->Preferences when finished creation.

6. Specify the disk capacity for the new virtual machine, commonly the value of maxium disk size is depent on your usage plan on the coming virtual machine and the disk size. I recognize you can set it as 5G or 8G, if it becomes smaller in usage, you can regular it at any time. the below selections: Store virtual disk as a single file and split virtual disk into 2GB files, if you need tranfer the virtual disk from the host to another one. you may select the second, but this is only recommend. In fact you can cut the virtual disk into any splits by some specialize software and compose them at any time when you need transferring. so I think the first default setting is a good choice.

7. Okay, Finished creating virtual machine. hit finished.


8. Current working space. some tips or tricks have been added. hit Power on this virtual machine, your virtual machine will be started. but you should set the boot image before its powering if you have not set it. the virtual machine can not start without any real operating system installed.

9. Hit CD/DVD in the devices tab. Screenshot as below.

10. If you have a operating system CD/DVD, place it into your physical drive. and hit OK, you can select a ISO image file from the local drive, too. VMware can work OK for both them.


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