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How to Create Google Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search Engine(cse) is more powerful than some default search engine(ie, WordPress). More and more webmasters like google custom search engine. Every one can use the standard edition for their website freely. If you have a google adsense account, you can also associate your search engine with google adsense. Let do it right now.

1. Log in Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search Address:, Click Sign in to Custom Search Engine, Screenshot shown below:

2. Enter Your Custom Search Engine Information

Then you will get custom search homepage, Click New search engine, and Input your domain name in the inputbox:

When finished settings, click Create.

3. Custom Search Engine Management

Click and select your cse from the left options, then we can customize its style in different tabs:

When finished your changes, just click Save or Update button in the page bottom. you can click Get code button to get the newest codes used for your pages anytime. Yes you can test your new settings at the right side and view the new effect.

But now I want to make it better for performance, so I will introduce some other customized search. OK, go on...

4. Click Look and feel to customize your search engine

Click Look and feel:

Here, we can select the layout of your search result. the most popular two are:

Full width - default setting and suitable for most of us. you will only one codes in your pages because of the box and results are in the same page.

Two page - search box and search results are in different pages, you will get two codes, continue reading for details.

5. Indexing your sitemap

Indexing your web site from a special sitemap. If you are using Webmaster tools. You may choose the xml record for your web site(New sitemap below).

6. Make Money

If you have no google Adsense account, please ignore this step. Usually google will put some ADs in the search results, you can customized its layout from the panel. If you have a google adsense account, you can associate the custom search with it.

Select I already have an Adsense account and type some necessary information of your adsense.

Note: After setting here, you will get a email from goole, you still need to authorize it's access to your adsense from your email. 

The next screenshot has been associated:

7. Get Custom Search Code

You may get this page like this when you click Get code button.

You can put your search box code and search results code in different pages. If you select Full width as your layout style, here only one code can be found, or if you select two pages, you can find two codes here, one is for search box, the other is for search result, you must set the complete URL page in the top Result Details button.

it is determined by your selection, Then we need to create one(or two) Search Page in our site.

8. Copy and Paste Search box code

Usually search box code should be pasted in a single page(ie, search.php). then we can search and view the results in the same page.

But if we select Two page layout, we can put the search box code in any page(widge or top banner), and place the Search result code in the search.php, then we can search anything from anypage, but view the results in search.php. 

9. Congratulation!

Enter your address in the specified URL box for the search results displayed, such as, make sure your typed address can be normal access to.

Okay, you can using your google custom search engine now, if you want to view the effect, just search anything in my site from the side bar. If you get some errors or questions from this article, feel free to let me know.


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