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How to Clear History in Internet Explorer

This article will demonstrate how to clear the browsing history in Internet Explorer(IE), we know browser caching can reduce web pages loading when you visit a webiste for the next time, all the cache saved in the local host. the cache often need to be cleared for privacy or some unknow problems. This is the method for your referrence if you are using Internet Explorer.

1. Open Internet Explorer at first. Locate to the Setting Icon on your Right-Top side.

2. Select "Internet Options" in the sub-menu, then you will get the Internet Options window.


3. In browsering history column, you can find the delete button. Click it without any hesitatation.

4. In the deleting options, there are seven selections in the windows above. Usually I will select all for clearing.



  • If you clear the Cookies, you may need to login some sites again for the next time.
  • Passwords and Form data are all relate to your privacy, if you are clearing the cache, I think these two selection must be selection for any clear action.

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