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How to Clear History in Firefox

Browser caching can reduce web pages loading when you visit a webiste for the next time, because some of them will be saved as cache offline. Usually if you encountered some strange questions in your firefox. you may need to try a reload(F5) opeartion or clearing the cache in firefox. This is the method for your referrence.

1. Double click the firefox icon from the desktop or your start menu, make sure your firefox is running normally.

2. Click Open Menu, locate the sub-menu History, Screenshot shown below:

3. Locate the Clear Recent History, Click it

4. Then you can clear all the browsing data in firefox in this window.

5. In fact there is another method to clear the cache in firefox, just click the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL), we'll get the window directly.

5. You can customize your clear operations, Here I select Everything to clear all the cache in firefox, then make the Cache checkbox selected. Press Clear Now and wait for the end of clearing.

6. The cache in firefox has been cleared absolutely. Then firefox will load everything in webpages when you can visit  a website.


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