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How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting

This is a wordpress hosting guide for beginners, many bloggers like wordpress, but there is often a annoy work before writing your articles, that is wordpress hosting selection. Usually your objective hosting should be a virtual hosting. that mean there are about 200 or more sites in one computer, but you should only take care about some basic informations for your hosting. Now I list some basic requirements for wordpress hosting. First we should know, all the hosting may have some limitations.

Free space or a basic stater space?

There are much competition in hosting market, so many hosting provider promote many free hosting space for the beginners. but these free space may be put in some advertisement or great limitation. Yes this is free for everybody, do you like it?

In my opinion, if you are not sure for your blog's future or want to try it for some days, you can choose this free hosting. But if you have a clear location for your blog. Just looking for another paid hosting. that will give you more confidence.

Requirements for wordpress hosting

Whatever you choosed, some basic requirements for the hosting must be considered by you. For the last version of wordpress 3.9, these requirements are essential.

  • Unix/Linux system is a good selection, even wordpress can working on windows server with some necessary plugins, but windows is trouble in usagge of apache/nginx.
  • PHP version 5.2 or higher, because wordpress will give up some support of PHP upper version, so the newer version of PHP is required. 
  • MySQL version 5.0 or higher.
  • Apache mod_rewrite function, this is very useful for every blogger, even it is a optional requirement in wordpress official site. but for every bloggers, this should be essential for your optimization for SEO.

Some Attentions for wordpress hosting

Disk space - disk space may be different for different hosting providers, it may be 600M, 1G, 2G, and or unlimited disk space. if you prepared writing some articles with few picture or music/files, that is enough.

Band width - this is a "strange" advertisement for some providers. even he claimed band width is not limited, but the total volume may be limited, for instance it may be 20G, 50G, 100G or a larger number. there are also some provider may limit computer 's resource occupation instead of bandwidth or total volume in a month.

Administration Panel is another attention for beginners. If you are familiar with some special administration panel, please making sure they will provide. for example, C-Panel is a good panel, but many providers do not give it.

If you have some other puzzle with the wordpress hosting, just leave your comments.

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