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How to Choose Best VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a popular second only to the dedicated server between virtual hosting and dedicated server. Now VPS is very cheaper than years ago. Virtual hosting may be the best choice for many starter websites, but VPS must be the replacement for our experienced sites. How to choose a best vps hosting is so crucial for us. I do not want to try all the recommendations from anysites.

Now, I'll give some tips for your preference, or if you find any good VPS, just leave it to me with your comments. If you are using wordpress, these posts may be in your favor:

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1. VPS Location

The first factor we should think about is the VPS location, you must take care about where your vistors will come from, and try to choose a closer one, even if you want to accept the potencial defects(uptime, response, etc).

2. Hardware configuration

CPU, RAM, DiskSpace must be considered as important factors. If you have a new website, these may be not crucial, because the minimum configuration will be dequate for the starter now. But a faster CPU with a proper RAM will reduce the uptime and response for your sites.

3. Software

There are usually Linux/Windows operation system selections for a VPS, each of them will have some other choice, A VPS whick used windows operation system may has a higher price because of the licence fee from microsft. 

So I know VPS with Linux system has a better market with its lower price, ease of use and maintenance.

Normally, the IDC will give you a managed VPS, you can install any software according to your requirement. But this is not strange if you get a semi-managed VPS. So you must make sure the management method given by the provider before you decide to make a payment for your VPS. Semi managed VPS will be limited partially by the IDC.

4. Network environment

Bandwidht, transfer limit are the two important factors you should care about. If you are writing a common text blog. 500MB/mo is bigger number for your real requirement. But 50GB/mo may be too smaller for a picture sites or a download sites. 

So you must evaluate your actual demand with your sites type. Bandwidth is a share element for all the VPS users, IDC may allocate different VPSs in the same Bandwidth with thinking about the real consumption. So we cannot decide how much we used in the bandwidth, just testing your sites, If you have exceed the limitations from IDC, you may receive a notificaiton message from them.

Oh, I think that must be good news, because you have too upgrade your hosting for more vistors.

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