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How to Change WordPress Login Username

If you are using "admin" as your wordpress login account, it is necessary to change it for your wordpress security. even If you are having a dissatisfied name. you can change it too. Here I list two method of how to change the login username in wordpress. Or if you want to change a author name in wordpress, it has some help also.

  • Username - used to log in
  • Nickname - shown as the post author if you select it in the next option.
  • Display name - shown as a post author, different authors may use a same nickname if you prefered.

1. Change the Nickname for Publicly

a. Log in your wordpress, and locate the Users menu, click Your Profile,  screenshot shown this:

b. Change the Nickname and Display name publicly as,  I recommend that you set a  nice Nickname for display pulicly, the Nickname is not the same as the Username which will be used for login management daily.

c. When you finished changing the Nickname,  click Update Profile, and then we'll modify the login Username. we can not accomplish this change from the dashboard. WordPress has locked this feature :(.

2. Change Your Login Username

a. Using PHPMyadmin(or another MySQL management tools), log in your wordpress's database control panel.

b. Select your wordpress database. and then locate MySQL tab.

c. Type this mysql syntax, and click Go.

UPDATE `wp_users` SET user_login='newadmin',user_nicename='newadmin' WHERE ID=1 LIMIT 1

d. Ok, Log in your wordpress using the newadmin name.


  • You may need to change the "wp_" prefix to your own definition,
  • You should change "newadmin" to your own login username.
  • "WHERE ID=1" means this change will affect the administrator account, if you want to change the other username, please look for the ID number from the table "wp_users".
  • If you encountered some errors in running, please check your syntax carefully.


If you are a experienced user for wordpress database, you can modify the wp_users directly, change the user_login and user_nicename. Do not care about "display_name" in wp_users and "nickname" in wp_usermeta, they can be refreshed/modified from the wordpress control panel.


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