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How to Change the Boot Sequence in BIOS

We often need to change the boot sequence in BIOS to boot from the optical drive when we want to install operation system. When we want to debug or fix the computer's problems, We are often need to change the boot order to boot from the CD/DVD drive or a floppy disk, removeble disk, etc.

Changing the boot order is too easy. Access and Exit the BIOS introduce us how to access the BIOS configuration. When we have accessed the BIOS main menu. The next settings are very simple.

At first. We should enter the BIOS main menu. (Powering on your PC or restart it. Press the hot key tips to aceess it.), The screenshot is the my BIOS main menu. All the lists are devided to two columns. Different OEM computer may have a different one. Different BIOS may be different, too. But where can change the boot order in BIOS?

We should navigate to the correct item and press enter to find the right position. Commonly it may be under the standard BIOS features, and also may be under the Advanced BIOS Features. In my screenshot above, It is Advanced BIOS Features.

We locale to the item and press Enter,

Here we can see the three BIOS settings in the screenshot:

Hard disk Boot Priorty, First Boot Device, Third Boot Device, these three settings let us set three devices boot sequence, who is the first, if the first device does not exist or boot failed, the PC will try the second, and the third...

Notes: The BIOS configuration menu may be different according the different computers. But the boot sequence setting may be similar. for example Boot Management, Boot Sequence, etc. Now I want to change my boot sequence from the CD/DVD drive. I navigate to the First boot device and press Enter.

Now, we can see the device selection menu. For my BIOS menu. I only can select one device at one time, If I want to set BIOS boot sequence to several device, for example, the first boot device is CD/DVD drive. the next is USB disk, the third is the hard drive, I must locale to the items above and set them separately.

When the selection menu of device pop up, we can select a proper device by moving UP/DOWN arrow, and press Enter to accept it.

If you have two or three HDDs(hard drive), You may want to change the boot sequence between the HDDs. You can navigate to the Hard Disk Drive Boot Priority and press Enter.

Oh, I'm sorry my desktop computer have only one HDD(Hard disk), but I can regulate it to boot behind the Bootable Add-In Cards as a test, Here we can use +/- to move it, It's priority will be more higher when it is more header. If you don't need to change the hard disk priority or you have only one hard drive, you need no operations here.

When finished these. we can press ESC key in the keyboard to exit the submenu and return to the BIOS main menu.

We can select Save & Exit Setup to save it to CMOS, the computer will reboot automatically. Certainly, If you want to save to CMOS or Quit without Saving, the BIOS management programs will popup a warning.

We aceept it and press Y key in the keyboard. or N key to give up the changes.

When the computer reboot, it will try to boot according to the boot sequences we have set. If the first boot device does not exist. the PC will try the next boot device, and continue.

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