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How to Change Nameservers in Godaddy

Nameservers (Name Server, NS) are organized by computers and network, looking up domains and the objective IPs are their main service. For common domain users, they do not need to understand the details of NS. The only thing we should do is to set up a proper nameserver in the domain dashboard.

1. Log in your Godaddy account

2. Click Launch button in the Domains list and view its details

3. Sample: change nameservers

Click manage in the Nameservers row, Screenshot like this:

Here, my domain has been setup a default nameservers by godaddy. Normally, we may do not need to change it, you can change anything about the DNS settings , even if you want to change a new group of nameservers.

5. Sample: nameserver settings

Screenshot like this:

Click Custom > Enter custom nameservers.

Type your new nameservers. Usually there are two servers, one is main, the other is backup.

5. Click OK to change.

6. Click Save changes to take effect.

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