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How to Change MX Records in Godaddy

MX(Mail Exchanger) like a CNAME record, MX will route the emails which use the domain as the end to mail server for processing. For example: if the user's domain name is, then the emails will take the domain as the tail. eg,

Setting up MX records is very easy in Godaddy.

1. Log in your Godaddy account

2. Click to domains dashborad and view its details

3. Click DNS Zone file, and move to the MX field.

4. Click Add Record, Type

  • Host is a the domain name or subdomain, @ is meaning the host is NULL,  for example, if your mail address like this:, here we should set host is @, If your mail address like this:, here we should set host is service.
  • Point to is the the mail server, like a cname address.
  • Priority, normally it is 0, a smaller number will get a higher priority.
  • TTL, just select the default for most of us.

5. Click Finish to add.

6. Click Save changes in the Red warning window to take effect.

If you have changed something about the records, you will get the warning window, make sure and make a confirmation by click Save changes.

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