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How to Cancel Auto-Renew on Godaddy

When we register domain names in Godaddy, or set a new hosting, Auto-Renew will be a default setting for your product. Of course, the renew bill will apply to your default payment method (credit card, gif card, etc). Many people dont like it, so we can cancel this Auto-Renew setting for your domains or hosting.

1. Login your godaddy (My Account).

2. Click My Payments

3. Screen like this:

4. Select the domains, then you will see Auto-Renew ON and Auto-Renew OFF button in the top side.

5. When Auto-Renew ON is selected, the icon right side the product will change to green, or will be gray.


Another page you can change too

We can accomplish this changing from the product management, for example, the domain management:

Just click the Auto-Renew checkbox and make it unselected.

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