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How to Bulk Delete Thumbnail Thumbs.db Files

If you are using Windows Millennium or Windows XP, you can easily find some thumbnail files named Thumbs.db in the folders containing pictures. this is a default setting, Windows cache thumbnails from Windows Millennium. Thumbs.db is a database file that containing a list of the images that will be displayed in Thumbnail view. They are system cache hidden files, you can delete it at all. If you do not close the folder setting "Do not cache thumbnails", it will be generated again in the next time.

Here are some methods to search and batch delete Thumbs.db files.

1. Close Do not cache thumbnails.

WINDOWS automatic cache thumbnails feature, the default build Thumbs.db file less useful in actual use, the default Thumbs.db files are hidden, so the statistics for the file and folder compare the size of a lot of inconvenience caused, we can shut down Windows, Cache thumbnail feature, as follows:
Double click "My Computer", open the menu bar "Tools" option, click the "View" tab, there is an internal list of "Do not cache thumbnails" option, you can cancel, if not, windows will generate thumbnails Thumbs.db file  automatically in folders with pictures.

These settings should be Modified:

A. Cancel "Do not cache thumbnails"

B. Cancel "Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)"

2. Bulk Delete Thumbnails.

We can mass delete those Thumbs.db files that has been generated using the following method:

@ Echo off
del c:\Thumbs.db / f / s / q / a
del d:\Thumbs.db / f / s / q / a
del e:\Thumbs.db / f / s / q / a
del f:\Thumbs.db / f / s / q / a

Copy the contents above between separators and save them in a new .txt file. then rename it as a .bat file, for instance batchdelte.bat. and then run it, you can delete the Thumbs.db files in C:\, D:\, E:\, F:\....

3. If you are not experience about bach processing above, try deleting them manually.

You can clean up the thumbnail files as follows:

A. Turn off the thumbnail generation function, double-click My Computer icon on your desktop, and then in the menu "Tools" - "Folder Options", click on "View", to not cache thumbnails and click the check box is selected can be determined.

B. Click the Search Icon in the menu bar, select all the files and folders, as shown below:

C. Input Thumbs.db, expand More advanced options. and select the following "Search hidden files and folders" and cacel "Case sensitive" option, "Look in" position can also be localed to My Computer, but it may be very slow if your hard disk is too large. Then click Search, The Thumbs.db files will be searched out if exist, you can select all of them and delete.


This technical brief is only suitable for Windows Me/XP, but not for Vista and Windows 7, I'll introduce them in the coming documents.


Posted by: Sorry| /10/18/12 | 05:04 am |
Im sorry, the batch example has lost "\" symbol because of one bug in my programm, I has fixed it.
Posted by: BadXperience| /07/04/12 | 07:57 am |
Wouldn't run the example as there is one space too much so it deletes all files from ones drive. Be careful!
Posted by: chucko| /12/17/11 | 23:34 pm |
Unfortunately, your batch file example above delete all files, not just the thumb.db files.
Posted by: p3pelepe| /02/07/11 | 16:56 pm |
Hello, I tried using the bulk delete thumbs.db that you mention above. And the command not only delete thumbs.db, but also all files in My documents folder, including the command itself. The only things it left are empty folders. I follow the steps as above, is it anything I'm doing wrong?

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