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How to activate Windows 7

We can activate Windows 7 during Windows 7 installation, but If you are using a computer with the neweset hardware, usually this acitivity will be failed because of the non-connection network. Windows 7 can not install the newest net driver automatically. So, for all of us, may start activating Windows 7 manually. If you do not do it, your Windows 7 can only be run in limited time, normally 30-days you will see.

But how to activate Windows 7 manually? There are three ways to activate Windows 7 as shown in the prompt:

  • Over the internet directly(online)
  • Use modem 
  • use telephone 

The first activative method is the easiest way. We'll introduce it in this article.

1. Right-click the Computer item, and select the properties, you will see the activation information in the bottom window.

2. Click "Activate Windows now", you will see the Activation Window.

3. Select Activate Windows online now, the product key window will show.

4. Input your product key and press the next. the product key should be 25 character key, you may find under your laptop or your Windows 7 installation DVD.

5. Take a moment before the activation completed, you will see the message"Activation was successful" 

6. Just enjoy it.


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