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How to Activate Akismet in WordPress

This is a tutorial of Akismet usage and configuration, Akismet is the best automated spam killer, Akismet is learning from the whole community who are using Akismet. In WordPress, Akismet is the best default plugin whick you can active it anytime. 

Activate Akismet and Input Your API key

Step 1: Active  Akismet anti-spam plugin We can see the Akismet plugin as one of  default installation. In the dashboard, as shown below:

Click Activate link under "Akismet" title, then you will get a tip, "You must enter your Akismet API key", just enter.

Before start using Akismet plug-in, you need a API key,  if you have no any API key or do not know what's it. please refer to:

Type your API key in the input control(flag by the red arrow ), and then click Update option to verify, if your API key is error, Akismet will give you a tip like "Enter the KEY is invalid." , if all are OK, "Your Key has been verified ..." will be prompted. Your Akismet account has been successfully set up and activated. Happy blogging!

Akismet spam management

Navigate to the Comments section, click Spam on the right side, you can see all the spam, they are blocked by Akismet automatically. Commonly, no all the "Spam" are spam, some good replies are blocked by Akismet by mistake, you can make them free, for some real spams you can delete them all. If you have select automatically discard spam comments older than a month. Akismet will help you clean up all spams and you do not concern about it.

In addition, Akismet is also responsible for Trackback (Pingback) management, many group softwares use blog Trackback feature to spread illegal reference or pingbacks, you can due with them in the same method, or you can close the Trackback(Pingback) features in WordPress.


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