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How to Access and Exit the BIOS Setup Ultility

When we want to modify some basic settings about hardware, we'll need to access BIOS setup ultility at first. For example, ajusting the boot order, setting the datetime, changing the working mode of the hard drive, etc.

Accessing the BIOS setup ultility is right too easy if you know the hot key of your computer or laptop. Different manufactures may have different hot keys to access the BIOS setup. Commonly, we can get it from the booting screen after powering up mentioned below.

Steps of access the BIOS Setup

1. Turn on your computer or restart it.

2. The computer will show you a booting screen when it was powered on. You can get some tips from the display. the information may be some text, but it will be a simple logo for some brand PC.

Here is my desktop computer booting screen.

We can see <DEL>:BIOS Setup in the screen. that is the my hot key to access BIOS setup. 

3. Press the hot key quickly(<DEL> key for me), the computer will access the BIOS Setup. here is the BIOS setup windows of mine, also called CMOS setup or configuration.

But my dell laptop has not a same screen. It has no Tips of which hot key will access the BIOS Setup. If you have the same question, you can look for the answer from the handbook of your computer. or try the following lists.


Or some combination of hot key.for example CTRL+ALT+ESC, etc. You can search it in, Input your model name of your PC, add the word "Enter BIOS".

Now, the computer start very fast. we can't catch the booting screen in shortly time, here we can press the <Pause/Break> key of your keyboard to freeze it. when we have catched the screen, we can press any key to continue booting.

Steps of Exit BIOS setup ultility

When we finished BIOS configuration. we can save the modifications to CMOS and exit. or give up the modification and exit.

1. If we want to save changes. Press Save and Exit setup, If you have no confidential of your changes, you may give up.

2. For some brand computer. BIOS Setup has different windows. but the Save BIOS and Exit Setup is similar. If you cannot find it or need help, you may tell me.

3. The final method is to press ESC, then you will see the exit window for most BIOS. But the default setting is to discard the changes if ESC pressed. If you are sure to exit with no changes. Ctrl+Alt+Del will force to reboot.

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