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How Many Types of Boot Disks Are There

When we use computers, we can meet so many types of boot disks, a good boot disk can help you to fix issues quickly, but how many types of bootdisks? this chapter will give you the answer.I list some of them.

Due to the distination operating systems

A.Dos boot disks

Include: Free Dos boot disk,Open DOS boot disk,MS-DOS boot disk,Netware boot disk,etc. boot disks

Include: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/2008 boot disk, and windows 7 boot disk,etc

C.Linux boot disks

Include:Basic Linux boot disk, Trinux boot disk, etc.

D.Mac boot disks


Due to the media types

A. floppy boot disks

This type of boot disk are using broad earlier, and now we can use them in most boot disks, too.

B. CD/DVD boot disks

These type of boot disks is very common to everyone. we use it.

C. Removable device boot disks

These type of boot disks is very convience, because we make them so quickly and so compatible.


Due to the boot types

A. Local boot disks

B. Network boot disks


All these boot disk, I'll introduce them in the coming articles.


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