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Homepage Management in Internet Explorer

This article will introduce how to set/add/remove homepage in internet explorer(IE),  all the screen shots captured in internet explorer 11.

1. How to set homepage in internet explorer

a. The default homepage in IE11 is,  you can change it at anytime. follow this. Open your internet explorer at first, you can find IE icon in your desktop, or quick launch, or the start menu.

b. Click the tools button in the IE toolbar. and then click Internet Options.

c. In the home page edit box, type your homepage(for example:, if you like blank homepage, press Use blank, then the homepage will be set as about:blank. When you want to set more than one homepage, you can type it and use Enter in the end of every URL. When finished setting homepage, click OK button to exist.

If you want to visit your homepage, just click the home icon in the IE toolbar as shown in the screenshot above.

If you set more than one url in the "Home page", those urls will be opened together whien you click the homepage icon. 

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