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Features of Windows 7 Hidden System Partition

When we install windows 7 ultimate,Business or enterprise, if you perform a deletion operation for the system partition or your disk has not divided previously during the windows 7 installation. Windows 7 will create a primary system partition(System reserved bitlocker partition), the default position is partition 1. This partition is used for encryption using bitlocker partition. This feature can not be found in Windows 7 home Edition, professional Edition.

Usually, this bitlocker partition's size will be 100M or 200M, Windows 7 actually used only about 20M. partition format is NTFS, and the status are active, hidden and without any assigned driver letter.

1. What files are there in windows 7 hidden partition?

This reserved hidden partition, just like a lot of brand computers, notebooks, usually they have a reserved partition which is used to save some essential files or bootable files, in an Emergency status, you can boot or recovery from the reserved partition.

You can understand Windows 7 hidden partition in the same ways. There are some hidden directory and files including:

Two directory - Boot, System Volume Information,

Two files in the root - Bootmgr, bootsect.bak.

This hidden partition is the most important role in Bitlocker encrypted partition, even more people do not use these features, but it seems using this partition to repair Windows 7 launch is still useful.

2. What's the entry of using windows 7 hidden partition?

The entry of this hidden partition is Windows 7 Repair Mode. Just press F8(make sure this key can run in your computer, it may be another) in Windows 7 initialization during booting, windows 7 will enter the "Repair your computer", I will list all the screenshots in my coming articles. When we select this item, a minimized windows 7 will be loaded. if you type your administrator acccount and password, you can carry all the subsequent repair(fix).

3. What's the features of windows 7 hidden partition?

Note: The list below does not include the traditional repair.

a. Startup Repair

When your windows 7 encounted some launch problems, please use this selection to fix. This is too convenient for many windows fans, they have to look for helps from a DOS bootable CD/U disk in the early, now we do not need them in most of the time, windows 7 can repair itself in most cases.

b. System Restore

We can restore Windows 7 in this item, I know in windows XP, you can restore system to a earlier status unless you have enter the windows XP, if your windows xp has hang up. you can't excute any restore actions anymore.

c. System Image Recovery

This is similar to the operation we often use GHOST to restore an image. I will introduce it in the coming articles.

d. Windows Memory diagnostic

This is used for memory error checking in general if you encounted some memory hardware ERRORs, I think this feature can be used only for some small problems about memory. For most of the stability problems, even they seem as little,  replacement is still a proposal, after all, your data are facing risk of losing at anytime.

e. Command Prompt

Windows 7 Command Prompt is often used for manual diagnosis. we can complete so many common operations in the repair mode, such as format, reinstall operating system, backup and recovery data, etc.

3. Some advices

This partition is also a hidden partition to retain the use of tools Windows Recovery Environment Division, it is proposed to retain the partition, if the partition has been installed and there is generally not removed, after all, Windows 7 has a DOS boot default mapping.

If you do not want the hidden partition, you can refer to the coming article to remove, but if you specify C drive and format before you install Windows 7 is not directly appear in this hidden partition, because Windows 7 will have no place to use:).


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