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Extract Files From Image File Using Ghost Explorer

Ghost Explorer is a good image file(.gho) manager. When you create a backup for your systems, you can extract any files or folders from the image file at any time. You do not need to restore your GHO file to any partition, just use Ghost Explorer to perform it.

Here it is the screen shot of Ghost Explorer v11.

Open the image file with Ghost Explorer

Step 1:

Open your Ghost Explorer, if you are running Symantec Ghost, you may find it in the Symantec Ghost folder in your Start menu.

Step 2:

Click File -> Open in the top menu. Navagate to your directory where the image file saved. select it and click Open.

Step 3:

Ghost Explorer will load in the image file.  Screen shot as this, you can find all the files(folders) in the image file.

Extract the files or folders using Ghost Explorer

1. If you want to extract all the files and folders:

  • Click the partition name from the left panel(ie. NTFS - SYS).
  • Click File menu, then select Extract...
  • Select your partition or directory where the files or folders will be saved. Press OK.
  • Wait the end of extracting.

2. If you want to extract a single file or folders:

  • Just locate your file or folder.
  • Click File menu, then select Extract...
  • Select a position for the file or folder. Press OK.
  • Wait the end of extracting.

3. You can not find your files or folders?

Click Edit and select Find(Ctrl+F), type your keywords of your intension file or folder in the pop-up window. then press Find.

Ghost Explorer will navigate to the recent position where it has found or match the keywords. Press F3 to continue look for next record. Shift-F3 will find previous.

Small Trick:

You can drag and pull any files or folders to a proper directory using mouse, Ghost Explorer will extract these files, too.

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Posted by: roman| /08/19/13 | 14:30 pm |
where and how can i get this explorer , is it working under windows 8 ?
Posted by: Mikaliso| /03/06/11 | 03:21 am |
Very helpful post regarding the versions of ghost explorer that facilitate individual file removal from a .gho archive.
I needed to extract some key tax and financial data from the .gho archive. I read online that Norton radically changed the archive format at version 9 of Ghost, after which .gho was no longer used.
I tried version 7.5 of ghost explorer, but it refused to open my 10GB .gho ntfs archive at all, neither did version 10. Then I found the above article, and recalled I had a version 11.5 iso file of Ghost, which I opened and took ghost explorer out. This ran on xp beautifully and extracted just the ntfs files I needed.
By the way, once ghost explorer opened the gho archive, one just has to highlight the directories wanted, copy, and then paste into the drives as needed. No need to extract.
Thanks again

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