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Explanation of Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7

Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7 is a very useful tool for your windows 7 maintenance, in my blog, many operations are all carried out in the recovery mode. In order to facilitate cross-reference for my friends, I take all the the screenshots of advanced boot options in windows 7. you can compare or refer these operations at all time. this article describe advanced boot options, next article will be about windows recorvery environment.

How to boot into Advanced Boot Options in Windows 7?

Start your computer, press F8 before the windows logo appeared, then it will start into Windows 7's Advanced Boot Options, screenshot shown this:

If you miss this screen, please restart your computer again and press F8 ahead of time. In advanced boot options of windows 7, there are twelve selections about boot or debug.

What's the meaning of these advanced options?

Repair your computer

Windows 7 will enter the recovery environment(RE), you can debug or restore your windows 7, for details: How to Use Recovery Environment in Windows 7.

Safe mode

Start Windows 7 in a minimal loading mode(including drivers and services).

Safe mode with networking

Start windows 7 in safe mode, and with Networking supportion. You can visit the internet or other computers.

Safe mode with command prompt

Start windows 7 with only command prompt, this selection usually is used for many experience users.

Enable boot logging

start windows 7 with a detail loading log about drivers commonly.

Enable low-solution video(640*480)

If your computer is encountered a display problem, such as display driver is not installed properly, you can enter this mode, and reset or uninstall it.

Last known good configuration(advanced)

Start windows 7 with the last good configuration. If your windows 7 can not start again, you can try this selection. also you can try the repair your computer mentioned above.

Directory services restore mode

Starts windows 7 directory services for your restoring operation.

Debugging mode

Starts windows 7 with in advanced debugging mode, you can choose or set more settings about boot.

Disable automatic restart on system failure

Make your windows does not restart automatically when it encountered a fatal error.

Disable drivers signature enforcement

If select this option, you can install any drivers without any signature alerts.

Start Windows Normally

Start your windows normally :), loading logo...login...and desktop.



In fact in windows 7, we can troubleshoot more problems in windows 7 recovery environment in Repair your computer. for example, system restore, partition manage, system reinstall, system startup repair, etc. Surely, the other selections are all needed in windows 7 troubleshooting and diagnostics, but it seems for prefessional users who have more experience.


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