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Enable USB Keyboard and Mouse Support in BIOS

Because of the convenience USB device, More and more people favor USB keyboard and USB mouse. these device work OK in Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, etc. but if you want use USB keyboard or mouse in DOS mode or BIOS mode, they may do not works. for many computer in fact, it should not be any issues by some basic settings. This article I'll introduce how to enable USB keyboard and USB mouse support in BIOS, with some essential screenshots too.

1. Enable USB keyboard and mouse support

A. Start the computer and press down the hot key to enter the BIOS(DEL or F2 usually), more details:

How to Access and Exit the BIOS Setup Ultility

B. Here it is a screenshot of one BIOS of my computers(Phoenix-AwardBIOS), Locate Integrated Peripherals, press Enter.


It may be different with your computer, you should try these steps, if not, then the other selections or leave a reply to me.

For many brand computer, the BIOS interface are commonly different, not only for the items displayed.

C. In the next screen, we can not find any USB setting about USB keyboard or mouse, :(, but if I try the second selection item Onboard Device....

D. Oh, so many settings about USB controller will be shown in below screenshot. USB keyboard support and USB mouse support are in. we can find their status are all enabled, because they have been set to Enable by me.

E. Select USB Keyboard Support and press enter, in pop up window, you can Enable(or Disable) it. the method of Enable USB mouse support is same as USB keyboard setting.

F. When finished enable USB keyboard support and USB mouse support. press ESC to return to the main screen. then save BIOS settings to CMOS and exit. When the computer is powered on again. USB keyboard and mouse will work OK.

More reading: How to Access and Exit the BIOS Setup Ultility


2. Supplement for reference

Below screen shots are from one of my computers. it has some difference with the BIOS above.

A. BIOS Main Screen

B. Interface of Integrated Peripherals

C. Enable USB keyboard support or USB mouse support in the second screen directly.

You cannot enter the BIOS?

If your motherboard is so old, it may do not support USB keyboard, or its default setting is. if so, you may need a PS/2 keyboard to enter the BIOS and enable the steps above.

Another selection is try a USB to PS/2 connector with your USB keyboard.

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Posted by: asdasdas| /07/24/13 | 03:23 am |
yea and how can i enable if i have only usb keyboard..? mindfuck

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