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Double Protection of Remote Shutdown and Restart

When we are carrying out remote maintenance servers, often remote shutdown or reboot, but the server often can not shutdown normally because some process suspend or exit abnormally. and have to resort to the administrator of the data center for rebooting manually. To my lessons learned was also force the shutdown restart using the SHUTDOWN command and the Start menu shutdown reset command, which can be double protection for the server to restart or shutdown quickly.

1. Instructions of Shutdown Command Prompt

Combined use as follows:

A. shutdown -r -f

B. Click Start menu, locale to Turn Off Computer menu, and select Shut down(or Restart) the computer

Two commands to run, of course, the best before some important services stop off, such as databases to prevent data loss. After the first shutdown command will be a delay, you can not quit the program to ensure the Kacha out, if a simple restart using the Start menu commands for remote reboot, there server can not shutdown the probability is quite large, can be said to be very unreliable, instead of shutdown command to be more reliable, but they still to complete, I also use two commands every time, although a bit cumbersome, but better than to find room to assist to facilitate the point, after all, is not always restart the server. Here the way to full use to be a shutdown command description for information purposes only.

2. Instructions of Shutdown Command Prompt

shutdown command syntax: shutdown [-i/-l/-s/-r/-a] [-f] [-m [\\ComputerName]] [-t XX] [-c "message"] [ -d [u] [p]: xx: yy]

Parameter's Meaning:

-I Display GUI dialog box;

-L log off current user (the default setting will write off the current user);

-S turn off the computer;

-R turn off immediately after the restart;

-A closure of the only-l and ComputerName, the system will ignore the other parameters. In the overtime period, you can only use-a;

-F force the run to close the application;

-M [\ \ ComputerName] Specifies the computer shut down, do not specify a default-based machines;

-T XX will be closed for system timer is set to XX seconds, the default is 20 seconds;

-C "message" specified in the "system shutdown" window "message" area displays the message, you can use up to 127 characters;

-D [u] [p]: xx: yy reason code listed in the system shut down, log off the system to use;

3. Shutdown command examples

A. shutdown-r-f

The mandatory order to require the computer immediately shut down any application, and restart the computer. If not restart, only need to read-s-r can be, if only to be delayed for some time with-t XXX, plus the time delay is equivalent to pre-set command, yet in the system to run certain tasks completed The case is useful, such as the download is complete, the program runs, etc..

B. shut down the remote computer

Using the parameter-m [\\ComputerName] can be specified to be shut down or restart a remote computer name (not set or is empty, the default on this machine operation)

shutdown-s-m \\remotewin-t 45

The command to shut down in 45 seconds the computer is named remotewin LAN computer, if the return "ACCESS IS DENIDED" prompt, you do not have permission to shut down the remote computer. Need to set security policy or authorization WINDOWS remotely shut down the computer.

C. to interface with the shutdown command dialog

In the Shut Down command only needs to add a "-i" parameter can be

D. Cancel the shutdown command

Implementation of the shutdown command, such as regret and want to quickly cancel the shutdown, quickly enter the command: shutdown-a, you can immediately cancel the operation of the shutdown, of course, the premise of the shutdown command to set the shutdown time is yet to be, if the computer goes into shutdown state or set off the original order was immediately shut down already powerless to remove the shutdown is not in force.


A. we set up after the restart, we can conclude their own actual restart the remote computer time until you can remotely log on, the urgency of the maintenance of the server time is important, generally 3-4 minutes, this time by the "self", "Start running software such as GHOST, etc.," "start menu delay to wait, such as two-Kai system or a key to restore the default wait time", and if his hunch over the time limit, such as half an hour, then from the computer too a little less mean, only to find room to assist in pacifying.

B. SHUTDOWN a remote shutdown is necessary permissions in the Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc to open the "Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Local Policies - User Rights Assignment" in the right window select "from the remote forced shutdown system "to set or permissions assigned.


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