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Disable Pingback & Trackback in WordPress

We know there is a Pingback/Track function in WordPress, If you post a new article, WordPress will send the pingback to the internal links, including some links belong the your owner site. I don't like it, So I close this settings all along. How to Close the Pingback/Trackback function in WordPress? It is very simple. In WordPress 3.0+, You can close this in the WordPress dashboard. Click Settings->Discussion, Screenshot as below.

Cancel the selection of the Allow link notification from other blogs(pingback and trackbacks). When finished and save it. If you post articles in next time, you can find the default checkbox has been cancelled (If you cannot see this screen, please click the screen option in the top-right corner, and make the discussion checked).

But this cannot  solve the Trackbacks and Pingbacks status in the database if you have post some articles, you can try this method. In WordPress, all articles are saved in table wp_posts, the ping_status in struction is the pingback/trackback flag, So we can update them from "open" status to "closed".

1. Enter the mysql control panel, such as phpmyadmin, etc.

2.  Click the WordPress database, select the table wp_posts, and then select MYSQL. Input this: UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `ping_status` = 'closed'; and Press go.

3. OK, finished.


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