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Difference Between MUI and LIP Language Packs

Windows language packs contain a series of localized resources, almost all the resources we can see in the user foreground interface can be found in the  language packs. If you install another language pack in your windows 7, you can switch the display language at anytime.

There are two types of language in Windows 7: Multilingual User Interface Packs(MUI) and Language Interface Packs(LIP).

What's the difference between MUI and LIP?

Multilingual User Interface(MUI)

  • MUI packs are only available in Windows Ultimate and Windows Enterprise.
  • MUI can be installed with the Windows update, if you check it.
  • MUI can be download and installed from the microsoft upgrade website.

Language Interface Packs(LIP)

  • LIPs can be download freely, and can be installed on most edition of windows.
  • May be some interface is not translated completely.
  • A parent MUI language needed before LIPs installed. for example, English.

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