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Difference Between EFI and BIOS

In Introduction to PC's EFI and Some Drawbacks of Traditional BIOS, we know (Extensible Firmware Interface)EFI has more advantage than BIOS. But What's the difference between EFI and BIOS? Here I list some of them in my opinion.

1. EFI is more similar as a low-end operating system in concept. It has the capacity to control all the hardware resources. It has some basic functions as a small operating system, support mouse control, visit internet in EFI, backup your disk drive, install drivers in EFI, etc.

2. EFI supports Graphic User Interface(GUI), but BIOS has only text interface, even few computer manufacture, OEM manufacture can provide a simlar GUI, but their functions are greatly limited. It is a graphic BIOS only.

3. EFI support multi-languages user interface. for many non-english speaking countries, they can manage EFI in theiry mother language circumstance.

4. EFI is designed in modular, it is the most significant difference between EFI and BIOS. EFI is designed in two main modulars, one is firmware manager, the other is operating system software manager. EFI supports new peripherals, high-speed startup, and firmware upgrade sperately.

5. EFI is developed in C language, but BIOS is in ASM. So EFI has more adaptation in hardware or firmware. EFI has greater fault tolerance and error correction features.

6. BIOS service is designed in 16-bit mode, but EFI is running in 32-bit mode or 64-bit mode, and even the enhanced processor mode in future.

7. We can access to all system hardware functions by EFI driver model, we can visit internet or websites in EFI without access the upper operating systems.


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