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Config DSL PPOE Connections for Windows 7

Many home users and small commercial users are using DSL connections to the internet. (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet)PPPOE is a common connection mode in DSL, how to create a PPPOE in windows 7? here it is a demonstration about it.

In windows 7, the internet wizard is more convenience for create any internet connections. Usually you will get a clear guidence about them.

For PPPOE creation, just follow this:

Step 1: Click Start menu and navigate to Control Panel, click Network and Internet, click Network and Sharing Center, then you will see:

Step 2: Click Set up a new connection or network,

Step 3: Click Connect to the Internet.

Step 4: On the How do you want to connect page, select Broadband (PPPoE).

Step 5: Type these infomation from your Internet Service Provider(ISP), the User name and Password are all from your ISP. If you dont know, please look for help from your ISP.

  • User name
  • Password

If you want to allow other people to use your connection, just make the check box selected. when you finished, press Connect.

Step 6: If you met some PPOE errors, please check your user name and password you have typed at first. then make sure you have connect your DSL dialer between your computer and the port for dialer wire which ISP has established. Power on the dialer is essential.

Links: Create a PPPoE connection to the Internet


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