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Change Several Settings in BIOS Without Access

We can change several BIOS settings without accessing the BIOS. However, some special software can modify anything of the BIOS in opertaing system. for instant, dmicfg, dmiscope, etc. But I don't recommend it to most people. I will introduce them in the coming articles. Here we know some basic setting in BIOS that need no access.

To reduce BIOS access and the potential risk, there are several common operations of BIOS whick are designed to supported out of the BIOS when the computer startup. For instance.

1. Change the boot sequence of boot media

Now, almost every computer support change the boot sequence temporarily from a hot key, we don not need to access the BIOS to change it. unless you want to chang it permanently. If you want to boot from CD-ROM/removable disk temporarily. you need only press the hot key for boot sequence and select the boot media. this hot key is F12 for most systems, but not for everyone.

How to Change the Boot Sequence in BIOS

2. Modify or update the BIOS date time

Earlier if we want to modify the BIOS date time. we must access the BIOS. but now, we can update it in the Windows or Linux systems. the system will update the BIOS settings for us synchronize.

How to Set the BIOS Date and Time

3. Upgrade the BIOS

Most manufactures are using FLASH as the BIOS storage chip. We can upgrade it from the DOS or Windows/Linux systems, too. Commonly the BIOS makers have different version software for BIOS upgrade. You can see them from the document of computer or the computer's CD/DVD. I will introduce some instance soon.

How to Update MSI BIOS

4. Important Special Configuration in BIOS

But not all the essential changes can be resolved easily without access. however, We know there are so many softwares that can change these settings in BIOS, some information can not modified in real BIOS circumstance. For instance, DMIScope can modify BIOS version, Vendor name, etc. It usually faces to the specialist. If you are not experencing about it. You should not try it. If you failed, your system may be corrupted.

When you met a BIOS boot problem(Note: BIOS boot problem is not always the operating system boot problem). I think you should try it through common ways. not for professional software.

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