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Change root or user password on MySQL

Setting a complex password on mysql is very essential, so how can I change the root password on Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. mysql command is a good choose, also we can use mysqladmin command to change the password, here I give a example of using mysql command.

1. First we should login to the mysql server.

2. Type the following command in your command prompt

mysql -u root -p

If you login to the mysql for the first time, the root password should be null, just type nothing instead of pressing Enter key.

3. Select database

mysql>use mysql;

4. Change root password

mysql>UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('mynewpassword') WHERE user='root';

5. Change common user password, his name is ohbeast

mysql>UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('usernewpassword') WHERE user='ohbeast'

6. Flush and reload privileges


7. Exit mysql


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