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Change Login Password in Windows 7

Set a strong password is necessary for all of us, if you have found your password may be unsafe, just change a new one for it right now. Changing password in windows 7 is too easy. There are two methods at least you can try. Just choose one as you prefered.


Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, you will see an account quick windows.

Click Change a password

Then type in your Old password, new password, and confirm password

Press Right arrow to make it to take effect. If you want to modify your current password only. this may be a quick way. But if you prepare to change another account password when you are an administrator of windows. Continue your reading please.

2. By Control Panel

Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety

Click Change your windows password,

Click Change your password

Type in your current password and new password, then retype the new password in the confirm new password

When you finished, click Change password. You will be prompted to enter the new password in login window from now.

You can modify anyone password from here if you are an administrator. All steps are the same as above.


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