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Bulk Delete Thumbnails In Windows 7

Last document subscribe how to bulk delete thumbnail files in Windows XP, but it doesn't work in Vista/Windows 7. Vista and Windows 7 use a special thumnails storage method. In Vista and Windows 7, the thumbnails are all unified in one place, we can go to the system tray of the usr directory, windows 7 should be under the user directory (if the path has not been revised), usually C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer "This kind of path and found a lot of cache files. the details show below.

1. Click Start-Computer, hit Alt to popup the menu bar. select Tools-Folder options, screenshot shown below.


2. Click to View tab. screenshot below.

In Vista and Windows 7 thumbnail cache to remove picture elements, first in the folder options, uncheck Hide protected operating system files and select Show hidden files, folders and drives. And point to determine a cache will be cleaned later, remember to change back.

Deselect these settings:

A. Always show icons, never thumbnails, select this, you can not view the thumbnails any more, why?

B. Show hidden files, folders, and drivers

C. Display file icon on thumbnails

D. Hide extensions for known file types.

If pop up Warning Windows as below. Press OK to continue.

4. Locate to the system drive(C:\ commonly), X:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer, we will find some thumbcache files. screenshot below.

5. Can all take db extensions files removed, of course, also need to remove them with administrator privileges, you should grant full control permissions, and then come in and then all the selected , delete. There is also a simple method is to use software such as Unlocker, etc to delete them directly. Select the files header by thumbcacke_ and delete them. all the system thumbnails will be delete completely.


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