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Backup and Restore Bookmarks in Firefox

Every people have many bookmarks in his/her firefox.  we should backup these bookmarks for a regular days. It is very easy to backup or restore bookmarks in firefox. Here it is a simple tutorial demonstration.

How to back up your bookmarks in firefox

1. Open your firefox at first by double click firefox icon in your desktop or from the start menu.

2. Click the Bookmarks menu and locate Organize Boookmarks...., screenshot shown this:

3. Import and Backup Windows:

4. Click Backup..., in popup window, select a proper directory and type a backup filename(default filename is bookmarks-year-month-day.json). then click Save.

5. Finished creating a backup for your bookmarks, you can restore at any time.

How to restore bookmarks in firefox


  • If you want to import your bookmarks to the current list, please use Import HTML... in the sreenshot above.


1. Click the Bookmarks menu and locate Organize Boookmarks....

2. In library window, Click Import and backup icon, locate restore menu, screenshot shown above.

3. In the submenus, there may be some auto-backup bookmarks in it. but we do not know what's the detail in it, so we shoulb restore bookmarks from our known backup file. Select Choose File.

4. Locate your backup file(extension as *.json), and press Open button. A warning windows will pop up, just like this.

5. Note, if you want to continue retrieve, your current bookmarks will be replaced by the backup bookmarks. if you confirm, Press OK and finish the recovery.

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