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Add Google Analytics to Your Website

This is a tutorial of adding google analytics for your website, it is easy and free. every blogger adminstrator can track his website under these steps.

1. Log in Google account and access Google analytics

Log in your google account, and then open Google analytics:

Click Access Google Analytics, screen shot shown:

2. Add a new domain profile for your website

Click the link of Admin in the top links.  and then click the dropdown box in the property, select Create new property.

Type your domain in the input box, and select the time zone country or territory from the selection, then press Get Tracking ID.


3. Get tracking ID

The code in the right edit box is just the tracking code, copy it surely.

4. Paste tracking code on your website

Here it is a example of putting codes in wordpress, where should I place this tracking code? Well, just follow this:

  1. Download Your theme that you are using currently, which should be in wp-content/themes/xxxxx, xxxxx is your theme's name.
  2. Open the header.php file, and paste the tracking code before the closing </head> tag.
  3. Save header.php, and copy/paste or upload it to your website, and cover the original header.php file.
  4. Okay, please wait for about 2-24 hours for data to appear in google analytics account.

Addition 1: Tracking status introduction

There may be these three status under the column status:

  1. Waiting for Data - The tracking code has been detected on your website, Please waiting for the data appeared.
  2. Tracking Unknown or Not Verified - The tracking code has not been detected on the homepage of your website, please verify your code installed correctly.
  3. Receiving Data - all are working properly.

Website profiles screenshot shown this:

More Links:

Addition 2: Why don't Google Analytics tracking my website?

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