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A Good Habit is the Best PC Protection

In my Life, every month, there are a few friends ask me for helping to sovle their PC problems. almost all the problems are so minor. some friends lack of maintain practice due to their jobs, but some friends can not process these issues althougn they engage in ITs. more bad habits can easily make their data lost. Now I want to say, a good habit is the best PC protection. but how to build a good habit?  of course, there are so many routine details or attention, I hope this chapter will give you some good advice and a little helps. of course, for your reference only.

First, the initial habits for the PC's installation newly, please check the following questions.

1. Do you have a boot disk? a bootable U-disk or CD-ROM, make sure they can diagnose under DOS platform or winpe environment, we can't look for helps from pro-company or dear friends always, collect one boot disk, even though we will not use it often. or you can not use it, but it's may too easy for your friend. that will save much time.

2. Do you have a backup in the non-system drive, there are two important points, the first is a backup of the original operating system CD/DVD, which is essential for each drivers installation. The second is whether you have make a GHOST system disk mirroring, and change the ghost image extension , for example, change *.gho to *.gh, This can prevent some virus swept through your operating system and delete the restore file. When we need to restore it, we can make it changed back.

3. If you are acquaintance with computer hardware, it is necessary to install dual operating systems, or install one-key recovery, if necessary, recommend you install dual operating system rather than one-key recovery, If you use one-key to restore a certain, you must pay attention to every use, the general operations will remove all your data from the destination driver, we must check the right drive, and make sure that is the correct drive will be replaced. Dual-operating systems can help you diagnose problems with antivirus repair or prepare for drive checking each other.

Second, daily habits can affect your computer security.

1. If your working documents are placed in desktop or My documents? Have your pictures are in my "My Pictures" for a long time? Although Windows  can be changed for a document group to an other non-system disk, but bootbeta doesnt recommend you use these default settings, I hope these use is temporary and must be cleared in two weeks or one month, that can prevent the unexpected.

2. If your computer has been installed too many duplicate functions, such as music player, download software, assistants? So, if you are not used often, please unstall them. And delete all the routine in the firewall.

3, If you have a habit of checking each step when you are installing softwares? If you lack of experience, you must build it, I think your computer must have so many plug-in software. almost all of them are not for their needs. Every maintain for my friends, I can find some IE toolbar, plug-in software, etc. there are also some tray icons we don't know. they will be auto running with the computer reboot.

4, Do you have on a regular habit(not exceeding one month) for clean your computer?

Third, the habits of using network are more important, antivirus and firewall software are just assistants.

1. All anti-virus software are not working when a new virus come out, even though some anti-virus software have initiative defense. in fact more of them doesn work properly. However, your daily habits, even more important.

2. Where are downloading software? are they safety? If you are unsure I recommend that you ask what is special to a friend, whether you trust or not trust the Web site, we should be very careful that you are click on the "Click here to download" is in fact under the site owner tricks.

3. You have used to click on pop-up beautys of one website? If so, you must changed, because if it is really beautiful we all can see it anywhere, no special pop-up to the main site, you say is not it?

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